Designed by Cara/Davide

Spina is a collection of lacquered tables and seatings.
The lacquered surfaces and consistent rhythm of the planes create a visual play of light, shadow and reflection, adding depth and richness to this already visually graphic collection. The elements of the line are characterized by a dense skeletal base that supports a smaller horizontal plane along its axis.

The thicknesses and proportions of the intersecting vertical planes visually saturate the space underneath its top, creating heaviness as if they were the pedestal for the horizontal plane. There is a visual hierarchy from the heavy plinth to the offset top plane and then to what gets displayed upon its surface.
The notion of stacked objects and planes makes it a sort of altar with a totemic and primitive depiction.

The collection is now composed by 4 elements in 4 lacquered gloss finishing colors.

Both size and color can be customized on request.

Complitely local made by expert masters, in Veneto, Italy.

Spina single 40 x 40 x H45 cm
Spina bench B3 85 x 40 x H45 cm
Spina bench B5 130 x 40 x H45 cm
Spina console 130 x 35 x H80  

/Spina/ means ‘spine’. 
Like a backbone, each Spina element is supported by this load-bearing and massive structure that becomes the visual protagonist in its design.