Designed by Seraina Lareida

This rug is inspired by the porches distroied by the water in Venice, an harmony of overlapping Venetian architecture and the colors palette typical of the place, transformed by the salt of the Venetian Lagoon.
Walking on you can feel the different length and different way used to make it. 

Made with the tafting technique, have been used 100% New Zeland top quality wool.
Yearns and manufacture are certificate as handcrafted exclusively in the Italian atelier.
Sottoportico bringh you an concentration of Venice in 200 x 150 cm to your house.

(LxH) 150 x 200cm
Customizable size available


/Sot-to-pòr-ti-co/ means ‘under the porch’. 
Sottoportico is a characteristic architecture widespread in Venice city, cause the little space available on the land. But is also very comfortable to be protected from bad weather, as most of the people can move only by walking, otherwise by boat.