Designed by Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Scena is a series of solid glass mirrors full of depth and bold graphic lines, expertly crafted by hand in Murano

The reference are the repeated use of perspective and illusion within the art, architecture and artisan crafts of the Veneto region.
A central inspiration was the forms and spatial designs of the architect Andrea Palladio, and his constant focus on the vista within his work.
Working with the skilled glass artists of Murano, a subtle use of perspective and depth was created by the intricate carving and grinding of the mirrored glass surfaces, then silvered to give depth to the details.

Measures: 30 x xH45 x 1 cm deep (wall version)
30 x xH45 x 15 cm deep (table version)
Materials: silvered carved glass, golden carved polished steel.
Nembro mable (base)
Variants: two shapes, both for wall or with table base


/Scè-na/  from the framing of the landscapes surrounding La Rotonda, to the influence of the Renaissance painters in the illusionary set design for the Teatro Olimpico, the Palladio's architecture constantly played with our own perception of space.