Oro Bianco


Designed by Portego Studio

Oro Bianco is based on a line of containers and multifuctional empty pocket made in polished light golden steel and Travertine marble, in raw finishing or plastered in blue, to make contrast.

They both can suit home and office needs and it’s a homage to the main architectures that made the ability Roman history: arches and colonnade. 

"He found a city of bricks and left a city of marble"
This proud statement by Emperor Augustus summarized the new aspect of the city at the beginning of the Roman Empire.

Most of the Renaissance churches were clad in and decorated with Travertine marble.


Sizes: ø10 x H3cm (dot), 12 x H3 x 27,5cm (long)
Materials: light golden polished sheet of steel and Travertine marble
Finishing: both shapes are available in raw finishing and blue plastered.