Designed by Studio Lido

A line of two boxes follow the inspiration of Selfportrait mirror, reproducing the plisse? of oriental fans.
Capsizing the cover it can be used as a little mirror, supported by a pocket duged out from the box. The special magnets lets the cover hide all the secrets inside. Made from a block of solid cherry wood.

Miniportrait is available in three colors: natural, blue, coral. 

(ø) – 10cm round
(LxWxH) – 10x18cm oval

/Mi-ni-por-trait/ A small container for holding precious objects, or just those which are special to the owner, which makes them even more important: a recurring theme in the literature of all eras – how could we forget Portia's three caskets in the Merchant of Venice – in this case it becomes a jewel box which conceals in its interior a small mirror, the symbol of feminine beauty and a reflection of the vanity linked to image.