Designed by Alissa + Nienke studio

A simple design that hide a very complex touch of overlays and heights.
Inspired by the brick sunblind since the epoch of the Persian, it also takes a romantic meanings in the history.
But the romantic meaning of these millennial architectural structures takes from their word: “gelosie”, literally means jealousy. Very beloved from the nobles of once they allowed to listen, and to look at people and secrets outside, without being seen, thanks to the reservation of the shade, created by the structures.

Gelosie is a 100% top quality New Zealand wool rug features a complex overlay that playing with hundreds of segments balancing them by different yearn’s heights that let sometimes come up and sometime hide the background of it.
Gelosie will come soon in different color combinations.

Made with the tufting technique, with 100% New Zealand top quality wool.
Yearns and manufacture are certificate as handcrafted exclusively in the Italian atelier.

(LxH ):
150 x 200 cm,
200 x 260 cm, 
300 x 390 cm

leaterally means ‘jealousies’. 

In the Italian language “gelosie” are the sunblind, very common in the Mediterranean countries.