Matteo Leorato


After a collaboration in the “western” New York, with a fondness for product design and following a strong desire to meet the Orient, just after the degreehe left for Guangzhou (China) where he spent several months with an Italian architecture studio as coordinator of the chinese headquarter.
Next the return in Italy, he begun several projects with companies coming from his territory and focusing on aspects such as comunication, branding, marketing and web strategy.

At present he is living in Barcelona where he's both collaborating with Italian and Spanish companies.


What is craftsmanship for you today?
The craftsmanship today is a hard figure to classify, a mix between the know-how coming from family tradition and a myriad of globalized information.


Your motto?
The excessive specialization leads to extinction, excessive confidence in the means leads to defeat.
Miyamoto Musashi 1584-1645



What he designs for Portego