Flavia Testi & Stefano Rossi


Both with background studiying design, Flavia in product and Stefano interior, they knew each other during a long experience collaborating with fstudiof design studio in Verona to develop furniture for some Italian big group companies.
Then they achieve the desire to start an indipendent professional career that give the opportunity to them to collaborate with many creftsmen from Venetian area.
Then they from the impression to take advantage of giving structure to the cooperation network, expanding the business idea, giving support to the craftsmen that look for new cooperation channel and to the companies that are looking for a selection of the best craftsmen.
So they take part to the Regional call that will provides to funding their company and the brand Portego, which they are founder.
Now they are coordinating the Portego network developing exclusive products, designing some products at times too.


What is craftsmanship for you today?
Craftsmanship today more than ever is an opportunity to give value to the product.
If you respect his territory and you keep attention to his stories and experiences, it will give you back great uniqueness.

Your motto?
Increase of the opportunity, instead of divide them.


What they design for Portego