Chiara Andreatti


Born in Veneto in 1981, he has collaborated with designers like Renato Montagner and Raffaella Mangiarotti.
Currently, since 2006 , she works as a designer at Studio Lissoni Associati, Milan, conducting parallel freelance projects and collaborating with companies like Covo, Non Sans Raison, CCtapis, GlasItalia, Casamilano, Reflex and Atipico .

Her work is characterized by a spontaneous and visual approach to the project. At the base of every idea there is much research aesthetic, made of images, a feeling for color, the use of mostly natural materials and craftsmanship; combined with a strong focus on attention to detail and proportion.


What is craftsmanship for you today?
Creating a relationship with the land and its people, discovering not only new processing techniques, but also places, human relationship and life stories.
Seize this and use it as a 'modus operandi' to the creative act.

Your motto?
Being able to draw on each project something that remains whitin us forever. Let go discover the 'genius loci', the poetry, the first instinct... all this will enrich ourselves.



What she designs for Portego