Ilaria Innocenti & Giorgio Laboratore


Ilaria Innocenti lives in Milan where she works in the area of product and interior design developing projects for private clients and businesses both Italian and international. Her work is based on researching a decorative language that combines freehand drawing, textures and suggestions, as to form the plot of a story. Her products are exhibited in several major atelier such as Mint in London and La Rinascente in Milan. A collection was included in the exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum Auto da se - Il design italiano tra autarchia, austerita? e autopro-duzione, curated by Beppe Finessi. 


Young and passionate designer, lives in Milan working on product and interior design. Since his university years in Palermo organizes many projects and events, amazing the design insiders public with his poetic and sincere design. He currently works as a freelance designer for private clients and companies. He also focuses on research working as tutor with Politecnico in Milan and Abadir Academy in Catania.


What is craftsmanship for you today?
Craftsmanship in doing something due to experience, and so learning every day something new about what you do.
Also if you’re been doing this from decades or centuries, like many artisanal entities in Italy.
The mix between solid experience and naive freshness is craftsmanship.

Your motto?
Design is problem solving.
Put yourself on trouble and the rest will follow...





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