Studio Lido


LIDO, Laboratore Innocenti Design Office is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore and based in Milan.

Ilaria and Giorgio come from different project experiences yet sharing a love for design and visual arts. Ilaria’s approach comes from interior design education with a strong visual culture. Giorgio’s approach comes from industrial design, combined with a deep knowledge of materials and production processes. Since 2014 they work together developing researches, art directions, product and interior designs. Focused on contemporary languages and attracted by object’s evocative and emotional features, they offer a tailor-made approach to the companies they work with, dealing with product and interior but also with images, textiles, exhibitions and everything that can be imagined and designed.


What is craftsmanship for you today?
Craftsmanship in doing something due to experience, and so learning every day something new about what you do.
Also if you’re been doing this from decades or centuries, like many artisanal entities in Italy.
The mix between solid experience and naive freshness is craftsmanship.

Your motto?
Design is problem solving.
Put yourself on trouble and the rest will follow...





What they design for Portego