Designed by Alessandro Zambelli 

This essential yet precious collection is highly refined in its clear, defined lines: a series of small bronze sculptures which are able to combine typical renaissance taste in terms of perfection of form, with the minimalist aesthetic refinement of the Art Deco movement. A series of small home furnishing accessories in which a collection of flowing lines, at times clean and linear, at times softer and more rounded, follow after each other to delineate original geometric surfaces. Their mirror-like finish gives back glimpses of images, light and colours to the environment. in a skilful game of perfect formal harmony which seems embellished, and at the same time accentuated, by the metal's shininess.  


XXS (LxWxH) – 9x5x10cm
XS (LxWxH) – 10x5x11cm
M (LxWxH) – 38x5x23cm


/Bron-zì-no/ Created following Donatello's wonderful work on the Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, and popularised during the renaissance as an expression of admiration for antiquity, bronzetti are small bronze objects - small-scale reproductions of classical sculptures and bas-reliefs - or, more simply, objects created with the function of picchiotti, the door knockers which had been placed at the entrances to noble residences since ancient times. Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsum